Scripting in ServiceNow Fundamentals


Do you have a JavaScript experience and want to learn how to use that skills in ServiceNow to add new functionality or modify the baseline behaviour of your instance? If so, attend Scripting in ServiceNow Fundamentals and take your scripting expertise to the next level by learning our JavaScript API.

This class begins with client-side scripting and transition to server-side scripting. You will use your JavaScript background to write, test, and debug scripts using real-world use cases. The course features lectures, demos, and extensive opportunities to write scripts yourself in a wide variety of lab activities.


To ensure you have the most successful experience in this course, please ensure you have completed the following prerequisites. This course picks up where the related topics left off in the following courses.

  • ServiceNow courses that ensure you know how to navigate the Now Platform and use the key features that are customized with scripts throughout the course:
    • Completion of ServiceNow Fundamentals course
    • Completion of the Flow Designer Overview course (available as part of the ServiceNow Fundamentals learning path)
  • Existing JavaScript knowledge as this course does not teach the programming language itself:
    • JavaScript experience with ability to write, test and debug JavaScript
    • Learners should complete all of the exercises and labs from lessons 1-14 of Codeacademy's Learn JavaScript course
    • Familiarity with database tables and columns


What you will learn in this course 

How to use your existing JavaScript skills in the Now Platform.