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What you will learn

With the growth of wireless technologies, there is an increased demand on not only networks, but the professionals that maintain them. It is of the utmost importance to ensure that an organisation’s networks are correctly configured, monitored, and supported in order to achieve the desired business outcomes. To achieve this, the organisation needs to employ skilled and certified IT networking professionals.

During the Cisco CCNA Wireless course, students will be taught about basic RF principles and characteristics, WLAN security methods, Cisco WLAN architecture, centralised wireless networks as well as converged wireless networks. Upon earning your Cisco CCNA Wireless certification, you will have gained the skills necessary to configure, monitor, troubleshoot and support wireless networks.

Course Certification Details

Cisco CCNA Wireless Course Assessment

To earn your Cisco CCNA Wireless qualification you will be required to study the course and pass the exam for the course. After passing the exam, you will earn the Cisco CCNA Wireless certification.

The exam associated with this official Cisco certification is:

  • Exam 200-355: Implementing Cisco Wireless Network Fundamentals

Cisco CCNA Wireless Course Requirements

There are no prerequisites to taking the Cisco CCNA Wireless exam.