SAFe - Make or Break?

Kesto:45 min
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In the vast expanse of the online world, it’s all too common to encounter opinionated, negative, and occasionally misleading information about SAFe. But what’s opinion - and what’s a fact about this framework? Join us for an illuminating webinar as we tackle this challenge head-on and set the record straight. At its core, SAFe is designed to help traditional companies embrace better ways of working and tackle the challenges of today’s dynamic markets. However, simply mapping the framework onto traditional management practices without understanding its underlying intentions can lead to misguided interpretations and poor outcomes. Join Michael Küsters and Rolf Läderach as they delve into SAFe, peeling back the layers of confusion, demystifying its purpose and shedding light on its hidden potential. Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your understanding on how to unlock the potential of SAFe. Don’t miss out on this opportunity and join us as we:

  • Explore frequent concerns with the SAFe Framework
  • Discuss how an unsuitable interpretation or application leads to poor outcomes
  • Share experiences for avoiding common pitfalls and generating better outcomes

After the 30-minute presentation, you will have an opportunity to raise your own questions to the experts.


          Rolf Läderach                                        Michael Küsters
          SAFe SPCT                                              SAFe SPC

Rolf is a senior Lean and Agile trainer and coach, a Lean-Agile transformations specialist and a SAFe SPCT, with years of experience working in large multinational organisations with a passion for helping leaders, managers and teams to adopt Lean and Agile values and principles. Rolf relentlessly seeks solutions that bring not only short term results, but help organisations perform better long term, and most importantly, enable them to drive the change themselves.

Michael was CTO of a medium-sized consulting company for over a decade, before founding Intelygence GmbH as an Enterprise Transformation consultancy with a clear focus on sustainable business improvements. His typical engagements see significant improvements in Time-to-Market, Quality, Value Generation and both customer and employee satisfaction.