SAP Finug Hosted by Westernacher 23.3.2023

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The Power of Connected Logistics: Driving Tangible Results with SAP Business Network

SAP Finug Hosted by Westernacher 23.3.2023

Unlock the potential of your supply chain with Business Network for Logistics (BN4L) Global Track and Trace, and Freight Collaboration solutions. BN4L offers an integrated and end-to-end approach to logistics, allowing you to connect with partners, streamline operations, and increase visibility.

Join our digital webinar to learn how Global Track and Trace (BN4L GTT) solution enables efficient visibility across the entire supply chain, while Freight Collaboration (BN4L FC) solution digitalizes seamless communication and cooperation with partners, including the spot-buy, carrier self-billing and invoicing, dispute handling and slot booking.

Our real-world examples of event to action cases and sample use cases demonstrate the tangible impact of BN4L's solutions on logistics processes. 

Westernacher will provide sneak peek of how to leverage BN4L solutions, shedding a light on the benefits based on project experience and various industry feedback.  


  1. Westernacher introduction – Leading in Digital Supply Chain
  2. Overview of Business Network for Logistics solution family and its mission
  3. The importance and benefits of being a part of a larger logistics community
  4. Holistic track and trace process in logistics supply chain management
  5. How BN4L Freight Collaboration solutions enable seamless collaboration with partners
  6. Sample use cases and success stories of companies that have implemented BN4L and what tangible benefits they have achieved
  7. The control tower approach: The impact of BN4L GTT and FC solutions on streamlining logistics processes, improving visibility, and increasing efficiency
  8. Q&A Session: A chance to ask questions and engage with our logistics experts

Join us for this exciting webinar and learn how BN4L GTT and FC solutions can help your organization achieve a holistic and integrated approach to logistics supply chain management, driving tangible results and improving your daily operations.


Aki Pousar, Westernacher

Katarina Furakova, Westernacher

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