When Collaboration sucks, and the Project Team is in Trouble

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When Collaboration sucks, and the Project Team is in Trouble you need to know how to find your way out from the situation. What are human reactions in a tough situation? How diverse we are as human beings How you could co-create fluid collaboration?
We have collected some ideas for your use in everyday life, whether you are working in a project or not.

Päivi Äijälä and Anjariitta Savolainen are the Founding Partners of Caleidocons Ltd. They have designed a globally unique, science based team coaching approach, and co-created high trust teams in private and governmental sectors. Their passion is to make positive difference with neuroscience based measures.

Päivi has facilitated project development workshops first as development aid consultant in more than 10 countries since 1994, then Human Resources Development positions in international and global companies. She has also contributed to increase the awareness of the professional coaching, working for International Coach Federation in Finland, EMEA and Global work groups. 

Anjariitta has worked in senior and executive positions with focus on leadership development in global and international companies since 1996. She has inspired both teams and individuals with her team coaching skills and expertise since 2006.