WEBINAARI: Enterprise Architecture tool selection

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The key to the core of enterprise architecture, is understanding how different things (such as processes, data and information systems) relate to each other. Maintaining these relations and analysing them, is difficult - if not impossible, without an architecture tool. As such, the need for a tool arises quite soon, no matter how much we tell ourselves: "it's not about the tool"

It makes no sense to make tool selection into a science, and one should not use too much time doing it. Why? Because that time is away from actually doing architecture. You can find a lot of information about tools and tool criteria on the internet, as well as lists of requirements. each one more outrageous than the other. The key to a successful tool selection is to understand what kind of use the tool has in your organisation, and to understand what you have bought, once you have bought it. After this webinar you will have a grasp of what tool selection is actually about.

8.45-9.00 Joining the webinar
9.00-9.45 Enterprise Architecture tool selection. Anna Aaltonen, Senior enterprise architect, trainer, coach (Coala)

Anna is a long-term Enterprise Architect and consultant with expert experience. She has worked as an architect in different organisations already for 15 years. Anna’s specialty is enterprise architecture and especially its deployment and roll-out.

Her experience of enterprise architecture, its working methods and tools, is particularly deep and diverse. Anna has plenty of experience from the public sector, so in her trainings you will learn how things should be done in practice, while maintaining the necessary theoretical basis.