Leadership development based on stress detection

Kesto:45 min
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The change is fast and affecting us all. Technology is developing at exponential speed and yet, the human brain and mind is the same as our ancestors had. It is no wonder that we people feel overburden and stress levels run high.

To summarise, the 2-year Beyond Zen Research Project, financed by the Challenge Finland Programme, developed a novel user-friendly solution to identify individual acute and long-term stress and recovery reactions and identified which responses affect most on personal resource potential (i.e. distress vs. challenge stress). Then the usability and feasibility of the developed on-line stress monitor was tested in real working life circumstances, Caleidocons pilot focusing on leadership development and co-creation of less stressful leadership culture with team coaching approach.

This webinar highlights also the feedback we got in, Learn, Reflect and Transform, 25th Annual International European Mentoring, Coaching  and Supervision Conference in Dublin on 24 April 2019.