WEBINAARI: How to set up your EA practice?

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When you start to set up an architecture function in your organization, there are some things you need to understand. Unfortunately knowing TOGAF® or ArchiMate® does not help you much. Key elements at the beginning are:

-          Understand, what EA is and how it relates to your other development disciplines

-          What are your use cases for EA? How EA needs to be applied?

-          What are key things you’d better to do right at start?

8.45-9.00 Joining the webinar
9.00-9.45 Setting up an EA practice  

Speaker: Anna Aaltonen ; Senior enterprise architect, trainer, coach

Anna is a long-term Enterprise Architect and consultant with expert experience. She has worked as an architect in different organisations already for 15 years. Anna’s specialty is enterprise architecture and especially its deployment and roll-out.

Her experience of enterprise architecture, its working methods and tools, is particularly deep and diverse. Anna has plenty of experience from the public sector, so in her trainings you will learn how things should be done in practice, while maintaining the necessary theoretical basis.